TEEC Angel Fund Investment Thesis, Focus & Winning Formula

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Our Investment Thesis: 

  • SaaS and cloud-based enterprise software will continue to thrive (Software is eating the world!)
  • Networks of highly engaged users offer long term value, big opportunities emerging sectors
  • HealthTech sector will create even bigger value in the near future
  • A continuously diminishing latency of both technology and market of US and China

Our Sector Focus: 

  • Mobile/mobile commerce, e-commerce, cloud computing and big data.
  • Important trends: Enterprise sw/app will re-built, as simple as consumer products; Fintech–banks–digital  dis-intermediation.
  • Home automation – smart home
  • Last 1 minute Economy—including Real-time healthcare system

Our Winning Formula: 

  • Entrepreneur friendly and value-add service oriented mentality
  • High-quality Deal pipeline and sources: Direct deal sources from over founders, Angel and VC co-investors in over 80 portfolio companies; Close partnership with global top incubators, angels, VC funds, and entrepreneurs


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