Welcome Our New Partners!

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Richard Liu

  • Richard Liu is the newest addition to TAF Investment Team. Richard’s expertise includes E-Commerce and Mobile. Richard is currently an Engineering Director at Google. In his six years in Google, he has played key leadership role in Google Shopping and Google Offers. He is currently leading a key initiative in Android.  Prior to Google, Richard held technical leadership role in Oracle Retail and Target and gained rich experience in Retail and Commerce. Prior to that, he worked for Verizon and IBM China.


Xuhui Shao

  • We are also very pleased to announce that Xuhui Shao has joined TAF Investment Team as a venture partner. His expertise includes big data, machine learning, statistical modeling and optimization, online advertising, marketing analytics, risk management and fraud/anomaly detection. Concurrent to his role at TAF, Xuhui serves as VP Engineering at Yahoo Inc., focusing on advertising and data. Prior to Yahoo, Xuhui served as CTO at Turn Inc. for 4 years and VP of Analytics at ID Analytics for over 5 years.




  • Hong Ge is Engineering Director at Facebook, in charge of Newsfeed Ads. He joined Facebook in 2009, and started developing Newsfeed Ads in 2011 Q4. In as short as 3 years, he successfully grew Newsfeed Ads revenue from 0 to over $30M/day, which became the most significant component of Faceboook revenue. At the same time, he grew Newsfeed Ads team from single-engineer to 50. Before Facebook, Hong worked at Google, where he focused on ads technology. Hong received Computer Science Master degree from Yale University, and Computer Science and Technology Bachelor degree from Tsinghua University.


Vivian Wong

  • Vivian Wong is an accomplished executive who brings a wealth of experience and talent in developing world-class software and leading global engineering teams. She is an excellent collaborator and communicator with strong leadership skills. Vivian has a proven track record in delivering high quality products on-time. She has over 20 years of experience in building enterprise software working at various technology companies including PeopleSoft, Oracle, Taleo and ServiceMax. Specialties: Bringing enterprise solutions (SaaS and on-premise) from conception to market; Building and leading high performing software engineering teams.



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